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What is ringd?

Ringd is a daemon which is intended to ring you, when somebody request it. This is done by speaker beeping or playing a sound or executing a predefined command.

To ring someone there is another program called ring, which sends an ring request to ringd of the user you want to call.

Why ring/ringd is written?

It was originally written, because mihi, my co-developer, sometimes doesn´t hear the notify beep of his irc client, so I can send him a ring request, But you can hopefully use it for other things. *g*

News / Project status

10.04.2001 An english version of the protocol is availible
30.03.2001 Created a shell script as a client for ringd, it uses netcat.
29.03.2001 Ringd is now inetd capable. There is no exact documetation how to use it now. but you can image.
17.02.2001 At the moment, it exists a first german draft of the protocol we want use, but this should only be the beginning. Its rater complete not good explained, but later we will write a better one.

Where to get it

The best way is to use CVS as described on http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=20602
You can also download our daily CVS Snapshot.

Thanks to SourceForge Logo for hosting us.